Adventures with Articulate Storyline: Are recordings more effective than live lectures when it comes to student retention?

Are recorded lecture modules, which students can replay and watch at their own pace, superior to live lectures when it comes to teaching lower level, memorized material? We took a 30-slide lecture on court structure, jurisdiction, legal precedent, and case law publication and offered it to two groups of 50 Duke Law International LLM students. One group got the lecture as a self-paced recorded module with built-in interactive review questions, while the other group received the identical lecture as a live presentation. When the course was over, we administered a 20-question assessment quiz to both groups of students based on the material in the slides, and compared the results. We looked for correlations based on student age, country of origin, home country legal system, multiple viewings of the module, subject matter of the question, and question format.

In this session I'll talk about making the module, measuring the results, and what we learned.   

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