Baselining Technology Competencies to Position Students, Faculty, and Staff for Success

Law students, faculty, and staff alike share a common characteristic, they typically look to technology to fulfill their daily duties. Also common is the existence of a wide-range of skill and knowledge levels within each of these groups, spanning the spectrum from novice to expert. This, coupled with the relentless advancement of technology, creates an environment where some are technically savvy and ready to succeed, while others are not.

To even the playing field and position all for success, the Duquesne University School of Law information technology team developed a Technology Certification Mini Course for students, faculty, and staff. The course is comprised of fifty lessons, each containing a short video and terse quiz. The lessons are grouped into categories such as; Getting Started at Duquesne Law, Basic Tasks, Systems, Troubleshooting, and more. A sampling of the lesson titles are; Classroom AV, Email Best Practices, File and Document Management, Hardware Troubleshooting, and Password Creation and Management, just to name a few.

This presentation covers the process used to design curriculum, develop the content, deploy the videos and assessment via an asynchronous learning management system, and market the Technology Certification Mini Course. Numerous technologies will be touched on during the presentation; e.g., SharePoint, Camtasia, PowerPoint, Blackboard, Moodle, Panopto, and more.

It is anticipated that attendees will gain insights into the key considerations to develop such a project, the necessary chronological steps and milestones, curricular design concerns, and use of specific technologies.


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