Ed Tech Innovations Update 2016

You've figured out how to "flip" classrooms and training sessions — but not many have added "makerspaces" or "wearable tech" to their instruction toolbox yet. For those who teach and train, and those who support them, which educational technology trends do you need to stay on top of — and which can you ignore (for now)? This session will discuss recent trends, challenges, and developments in educational technology, and how they relate to legal education. The presenters will review resources that can help instructors and those who support educational technology adoption stay current. Note: we will be presenting a similar program at the AALL Annual Meeting in July, but this program is focused specifically on educational technology for law schools.

1) Participants will analyze five major trends in educational technology.
2) Participants will be able to identify vital resources for staying on top of new trends and technologies.
3) Participants will develop criteria for evaluating technologies for your own institutions.

Who should attend: Those who teach/train or provide technology updates to educators and trainers in their law schools. 

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06/17/2016 - 14:30-06/17/2016 - 15:30

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