Incubators, Legal Education, Technology and Access to Justice

Incubators are HOT!  A growing number of law schools are partnering with bar associations and local legal aid groups to stand up solo law firms for law school graduates with mentors and resources so that they can gain experience and paying clients - and maybe do a little probono or modest means practice as well.   

The ABA Directory of Incubator/Residency Programs lists over 60 programs in 25 states and 3 International programs.  Not listed, but somewhat related are a growing number of non-profit law firms that are emerging to be sustainable models of employing lawyers and addressing the access to justice gap.  

Fred Rooney has been a force of nature promulgating the value of incubators to law schools far and wide.  The Incubator concept can return law schools to their necessary and obvious roots - training lawyers to serve clients.  Incubators can be like the 4th year of law school or akin to the medical student internship year.  

Technology can and should play a role in this transformation.  Great lawyers are efficient lawyers and CALI has been working in the area of efficient and tech-enhanced law practice with the A2J Author project.  

Fred and John will tell the story of incubators and discourse on the hopeful, realistic and bright future that incubators can bring to legal education.  

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06/18/2016 - 12:00-06/18/2016 - 13:00

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