Let's Talk Hybrids: How Hybrid Programs are Opening Doors to Additional Revenue Streams for Law Schools

As law schools face fiscal deficits due to declining enrollments, many are wondering how they can tap into new revenue streams by leveraging the resources they already have. This session will address how offering certificate, and non-JD programs in a hybrid setting can maximize classroom resources, while increasing marketability to the working professional. 

The session will review the steps Pepperdine University has taken to develop and implement a hybrid Master's in Dispute Resolution program at their West Los Angeles campus. The goal for the hybrid program is to provide a flexible degree option for customers in the LA entertainment industry market base. The reduced classroom schedule a hybrid program offers is ideal for the fast paced entertainment industry, but is also appealing to law enforcement agencies and businesses in the finance sector located in downtown LA.  

The session will also address how other law schools can market hybrid non-JD programs to their local customer base. Hybrids are cost effective for schools to implement as they require only half the standard classroom time, essentially doubling enrollment capacity, while still maintaining the face-to-face experience and classroom interaction. Additionally, hybrids are more appealing to working professionals who are looking to advance their careers, but do not have the time for a full on-campus program. This makes hybrids much more marketable to professional industries. 

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06/16/2016 - 10:30-06/16/2016 - 11:30

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