The More Things Change... : AMP, Schema, HTTP\2 and the future of the web

Over the last few years we have seen the technology stack of the web change drastically.  HTML5 has led to a whole new robust way of representing content, while HTTP\2 and Google's AMP wants to change the way data is transferred to web browsers in the first place to make the internet a much faster place.

In this talk I'll be going over the latest trends in the technology of the web, how you can implement it, and why you would want to.

Technologies we'll talk about:

  • Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP)
  • HTTP\2 (and it's SPDY predecessor)
  • Structured Data

Main Topics:

  • Speeding up the web, and the impact on SEO
  • Making bots smarter with and how this can make your SERPs¬†more attractive
  • How "new" techniques are really just a return to the web's roots


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