Ready, Set, Freakout! Two years in the life of a Canvas migration

It's late 2013. You are the manager of academic technology at your law school. You comfortably support your central university's proprietary course website platform (aka "learning management system" or LMS), which has been customized over several years with input from your faculty members. Then comes the email that will change your life: Central IT tells you they are dumping the old system and buying into an off-the-shelf product, called Canvas. The new system could not be more different in look, feel and functionality.  Now what do you do?

In this presentation, I will share with the audience tips, techniques, processes, and insights that helped bring HLS through it's LMS migration. If your school is looking to move from one LMS to another (particularly if you are moving from a proprietary, legacy system), then this session is for you!  I will also talk about challenges, opportunities, things that worked well and other ideas that bombed.  During the session I'll engage the audience in a discussion about their own migration projects, how to prepare and shepherd an organization through change, how to create buy-in, foster transparency, and lessen the negative impact of nay-sayers. 




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