Word Workshops & Beyond: Embedding Tech Modules in Required Courses

Chicago-Kent is known for offering innovative tech training that exposes students to a wide range of practical skills and higher level concepts. But when this training is primarily found in elective courses or clinic work, it can be challenging to reach the students who do not participate in those programs.

The library has been implementing modular training sessions over the last two years that are tied into required legal writing courses and paired to specific assignments. The majority of these in-class workshops have been focused on Microsoft Word, but we use these sessions to introduce broader tech strategies and concepts, including:

  • metadata
  • redaction
  • document management systems
  • file naming conventions

With core lessons prepared in advance, we have been able to partner with different instructors to customize materials for their classes and refer students back to additional videos, handouts, and other materials in a central guide.

We will discuss the evolution of our modules and training materials and how we’ve identified problem points for student comprehension and working across multiple versions of core software.

Guide (includes slides, sample files and videos): http://guides.kentlaw.iit.edu/wordforlawschool/

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Experiential Learning

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06/16/2016 - 10:30-06/16/2016 - 11:30

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